Why I could never become a coach or personal trainer…

Have you noticed that personal trainers are constantly talking? After “working” with a few personal trainers and coaches and watching various training videos, I’ve noticed that most of these people usually never stop talking. This is pretty much the same as having your spouse constantly telling you to do something that you know you should have already done or need to do. Maybe this type of motivation works for others, but definitely not for me. How can you possibly concentrate when someone is constantly talking? I don’t mind cues or simple one liners to help me out, but constant yapping just kills it for me.

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New to fitness…

So last year before going on a trip, I got on a scale to measure the weight of one of my suitcases. I was surprised to see that my weight (without the suitcase) was at 168lbs. Before we had our first child, I was about 150lbs. In college, I was about 130lbs (yikes). So I was a little shocked when I saw 168. I kind of felt like my pants were getting a little tighter, but this basically assured me that it wasn’t just multiple washes that was shrinking my pants. This was my wake up call for the need to change my life style. I previously did not do any type of workout, other than playing pickup ice hockey. During my glory days, I would play hockey 3-5 times a week. After my wife had our 2nd child, my hockey time has dropped to about once every other week. Compound that with bad eating habits and little sleep,my health has been slipping.

I made a commitment that after my trip, I would do something. I would do my research and find effective and efficient ways to get into shape. I don’t have any goals to become ripped or big. I just want to get into healthy shape. My definition of “healthy” is basically no big belly and being in good enough shape so I could still eat crappy food every once and a while without feeling like I was breaking some nasty rule. This is a goal I have set out for myself (and my wife) , and so the journey begins….